VorTX is a FIRST robotics team, #3735, located in Klein, Texas. Formerly known as Klein Bots.

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The Business Field

Our business team is a dynamic force, exploring the exciting realms of Graphic Design, Finance, Photography, Video Editing, and beyond. We ensure that our mechanical counterparts have the necessary financial backing and resources to bring their robotic visions to life. Additionally, we devote time to recognizing achievements, both in competitions and in honoring the invaluable guidance provided by our mentors. Together, we drive innovation and success.

The Mechanical Field

Our mechanical team is at the forefront of innovation, delving into the exciting realms of Programming, Manufacturing, CAD, Electrical engineering, and beyond. With a focus on precision and efficiency, we ensure that our robots are completed well in advance of competitions. Join us as we push the boundaries of technology and engineering excellence.