VorTX is a FIRST robotics team, #3735, located in Klein, Texas. Formerly known as Klein Bots.

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About us

We are a non-profit, student-led team that focuses on serving our community while providing access to STEM & robotics education.

Team captain

The Team Captain is responsible for all VorTX operations, overseeing both the Robot and Business team.

Business Lead

The Business Lead is responsible for all operations within the Business team, overseeing Sponsorships, Awards, and Outreach/Media.

Robot Lead

The Robot Lead is responsible for all operations within the Robot subteams, overseeing Electrical, Programming, and all subsystems.

Meet our team

Jeffrey Lee

Team Captain

VorTX head of all leads & ensures overall well being of robot and business relations. Provides guidance and leadership to set the team up for success.

Mary Knauff


Engineering & Robotics specialist; Helps organize team & overall functionality; Klein Cain High School; VorTX Sponsor.

Robert Carter


CTE/Trade & Industry S.T.E.M. Team Leader; Klein Collins High School; VorTX Sponsor

Patrick Rivera


CTE/Robotics Pathway Teacher; Klein High School; VorTX sponsor.

Lewis Longbottom


Rohan Koripalli


Toan Nguyen

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