VorTX is a FIRST robotics team, #3735, located in Klein, Texas. Formerly known as Klein Bots.

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Robot Team

Responsible for creating and maintaining various sub assemblies on the robot including: Intake, drive train, elevator, and claw.

Responsible for making sure wires and electrical components are functioning correctly and organized on the robot. 

Responsible for creating and managing code that allows the robot to function.

Business teams

Responsible for submitting written and filmed media for the various awards during FRC competitions, including the “Impact Award”, “Woodie Flowers Award”, and the “Dean’s List Award”.

Responsible for interacting with the community at local events, aiming to raise awareness for STEAM. Also responsible for taking photos and videos at events and competitions in order to document our achievements.

Responsible for managing and organizing connections with sponsors.

VorTX 3735

About us

VorTX’s mission is now and always has been Team 3735 aspires to provide youth with the skills needed for future careers in the fields of STEM and business. Our team provides students of all ages an opportunity to explore the STEM field and help and guide them in order to build a strong foundation for STEAM and Business.

We are an open and friendly environment for anyone in robotics! No experience is required to join!

Our Awards

  • 2014 Texas robot roundup finalist
  • 2015 Texas Robot Roundup Finalists
  • 2016 (Dallas Regional) Regional Finalists
  • 2016 (Lone Star Regional) Winners
  • 2017 finalists newton sub-division
  • 2018 (Lone Star Central Regional) Entrepreneurship Award
  • 2018 (Lone Star South Regional) Safety Award
  • 2018 Entrepreneurship Award
  • 2019 Entrepreneurship Award (FIT District-Channel View Event)
  • 2019 Chairman’s Award
  • 2022 Quality Award
  • 2023 Team Sustainability Award
  • 2024 Excellence In Engineering Award

Sponsor us

In order to foster our development and expansion, we are seeking sponsors. If you have an interest in sponsorship opportunities, we invite you to review this sponsorship package.